Services & Fees

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Fan Clutch (1-5 units)  with core/ea.                                                $ 275*

          6 or more units with core/ea.                                                     230*

​Fan Clutch with no core Restored                                                      450*


*(restoration includes new fluid, new bearing, re-cad and re-crimp)

Additional Fees

Painted Units                                                                                           20

Shaft Conversion                                                          SC                     20

​                                                                                        Eaton                50

Repairing broken/bent fins                                                                    30

Disassembly of 2nd unit to make one unit                                           30

Repairing screwed and epoxied units                                                  45

Date Stamping                                                                                        N/C

Plunger                                                                                                    15

Bar   (for Schweitzer units)                                                                    50

​Rotor   (for Schweitzer units)                                                                 50

Vent Window Regulator (63-67) with your core                                  100/ea

​​​Cadmium Plating done in-house                                                  Call for price

Other welding projects by quote

​Note:  To test your fan clutch....with the fan clutch properly installed on your car, turn the engine on to warm it up.  Once warmed up, stand where you can see the fan, and turn the engine off.  If the fan goes around more than 1/2 of a revolution, you probably need to have it restored.