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Welding is a trade that most people aren't familiar with.  Here at Kirkconnell Corvettes, we promise to never unfairly take advantage of someone who needs our services.  We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, and we firmly believe that you'll see the difference when you choose our company.  We've also been family - owned and operated from the start. 


Date Coding


01.17.66 SC


SC = Schweitzer Corporation

This information is hard stamped on the rim of the hub from mid 1965 up.  Prior to this time, there would be no date.

​Date Coding


Month                    Code                      Year

​January                     A                          1960

February                  B                          1961

​March                       C                          1962

​April                          D                          1963

​May                           E                          1964

​June                           F                          1965

July                            G                          1966

August                      H                         1967

September               I                          1968

October                    J                           1969

November               K                          1970

​December               L                           1971

CJ = Small Block (ink stamped on face

​CK = Big Block (ink stamped on face

​'60-'64 fan clutches are Zinc CAD

​'65 up fan clutches are Yellow CAD