Q:  How many times should my fan rotate after shutting off the engine from an idle?

A:  Typically your fan should make one-half revolution or less and stop, after turning the motor off.

Q:  My fan feels like it has a wobble...what might cause this?

A:  The fan clutch may need to be checked for a bad rotor

Q:  I can feel the hub of the fan clutch move in and out.  What should I do?

A:  When the hub has "play" in it, the roter usually needs to be replaced or the housing may need to be re-machined.

Q:  I can see some oil seeping out of my fan clutch.  What does this mean?

A:  Your seal may have dried & broken, and the oil will eventually be gone.  The unit needs to be rebuilt before interior damage occurs.

Q:  My hub has slots in it to bolt it on.  Is this a Corvette unit?

A:  Corvette units have holes, but never slots.

Q:  How do I know if my fan clutch is dated correctly?

A:  Schweitzer fan clutches have all numbers as dates, and the date should be within 6 months of the engine build date.  The first number seen will represent the month of the year, separated by a  "." Then is the day of the month it was built "." and the last two digits will be the year.  IE... 3.21.63.  All of these dates will be hard stamped into the hub

Eaton fan clutches are dated differently.  The first digit of the black rubber stamp (on the face) is the month (starting with an A - for January).  The next number(s) are the day of the month.  The last digit is the year (beginning with A - for 1960.

Q:  How can I tell if I have a big block unit or a small block unit?

A:  Small block units are stamped (on the face with black rubber stamp) CJ, and the shaft is 1/4" longer than a big block shaft.  The big block unit has a CK stamped on the face (with the black rubber stamp).

Q:  My fan clutch is rubber stamped with a CV (or CZ).  What id is this?

A:  Other companies used some of these same fan clutches, as well as Corvettes.  These markings would be used by the other companies.  ie:  Ford, Camaro, Chrysler etc.

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