Kirkconnell Corvettes
Expert Fan Clutch Restoration
NCRS #47432


Kirkconnell Corvettes will restore your Eaton or Schweitzer fan clutch unit quickly, inexpensively and expertly.  We'll clean both the inside and outside of the unit; Cad and Chromate all appropriate pieces; replace all seals and bearings, as well as the oil; crimp and stamp as originally done.  When complete, your unit will look like original and will pass NCRS judging.  GMC, Chrysler & Ford units are all done the same.

Have a "Survivor"?  We can restore the internal workings,  without disturbing the petina of the outside.

                          * Restoration per fan clutch ($225)
                   Price to restore 1-5 units $225 + Insurance & shipping                     
                      Price to restore 6 or more $200 + Insurance & shipping


For additional fees, we can also:
* Repair broken fins ($15/fin)
* Custom rework 
        Shaft Conversion - Eaton ($50), Schweitzer ($20)
        Remove old paint from unit ($20)
        Repair units screwed & epoxied ($45)
        Combine two unusuable units to make one ($30 addn'l)
        Replace plunger ($15)
        Replace bi-metal strip on Schweitzer ($30)
* Restoration of '66-'67 Smog Pump Diverter ($200)

* Emergency Parking Brake Alarm Switch '63 ($55)

* Plate small pieces (Cadmium, Chromate), call for prices

* Custom welding, call for prices

Certified in welding/fabrication for over 45 years, with an abundance of machining experience, we'll work with you to make your project the way you want it.



See us at:

Kirkconnell Corvettes will be at Corvettes @ Carlisle
August 28-30, 2016
Spaces IA72 & IA73
Come and look us up, ask your questions, and drop off your fan clutches
See you there!

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